Sunday, December 9, 2007

anyway.. GOSSSSSSSIP.. you probs know this already and i guess its old news but zee got caught using a her sis id to get into clubs.. an undercover cop took the id and now zee thinks shes screwed.. its been a week now and they havent called or done anything so yeah.. its odd.. i reckon they're just going to keep the id.. but yeah.. zee has learnt her lesson.. it was a dubass thing to do in the first place.. her sis looks nothing like her.. I havent been doing anything naughty laterly.. which feels odd.. i havent been drinking or anything.. im trying to get zee to quit smoking.. if that says anything about ive been on a diet for 2 weeks now and the fist week was great.. ive lost a fair bit of weight and i fit ito size 8! but the bad thing is i get these disgusting cravings for chocolate and at night i tend to have a couple of nibbles (more like chomps) but yeah.. im trying to get that under control.. i freak out in the morning and rush over to the mirror and check to see if my tummy has gotten fatter.. how pathetic.. so.. i need to stop the midnight binging.. ill keep you updated.. your cottage sounds romantic.. i want one.. im sick to fricking death of brisbane.. theres nothing here! in all my dreams im riding on a horse up and down hills.. with dogs running ahead.. im hoping this is a premonition.. hah

anyways, my little house is so nice, and i drive the prado, its black, and my house is fully aircondtitioned and i just love it here ay. the kids are great, they love me and i am falling in love with them which is scary. my bosses are so lovely, they are the family you wanna be u know? like they are so stereotypical but its all real its strange to see. i have this cute river with big trees next to my cottage and there are ducks and geese adn chickens and pigs, u know the lot. its so beautiful.

anyways, yes i am loving it here. still freaking out about the tourist visa. i arrived and they picked me up in their own plane. like apparenlty these people supply one of the best wool in Queensland. i had no idea. and they have a huge property with heaps of sheep and heaps of cattle. the shearers are all maoris and kiwis (i partied with them my second weekend) and most of the locals are too. its like a little hervey bay all over again ay. like my first weekend i went to the muttaburra pub and loved all them people, so nice to me. and then last weekend i was in noosa and didn't know anyone so i just went out by myself and i had so much fun! they were all so nice to me and i was the youngest there but it was so good. and some of these boys are fly ay.......and then last weekend, me and the jackaroo on the property (mikey) started drinking from lunch until late at night. anyways he ended up getting into two fights and the cops got called in coz we went to the pub by the end of it. dickhead and now our friendship is very strained. i ended up staying at the local hotel for free coz i made mates with the owner. anyways mikey was just being this immature dick, farting and pissing everywhere and telling everyone he was shagging me and just being a complete asshole, like degrading everyone and acting like he was a local. man im a small town girl too and i know you dont act that way. and get this he's 35, divorced with two kids. anyways, i jsut told my boss the full story coz she wanted to know and i admitted to her we kissed like on his birthday on thursday but i made it pretty clear that was it. i mean fuck i was drunk and its just a kiss, but SHIT! i aint over fred for pete's sake! i am so freaking out now that she will tell him that she knows and u know??? it will get blown out of proportion. and when he was being a cock (which is so not like him) i know its coz he was trying to get to me, like its hard to explain but i aint a dumbass and he was acting like he was my boyfriend and a possesive fucken freak. i know its gonna get so fucked, but thats all right. i jsut hope my chances arent ruined with anyone else!